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The founding partners of The Systemic Constellations Group, LLC, came together in early 2005 to promote and facilitate systemic constellations for the understanding, healing and evolution of communities, families, and organizations.

They are among the leaders in introducing constellations in the United States and have facilitated many workshops in the Washington DC area. Attendees at their workshops have described their participation as astoundingly powerful.

The partners have had extensive training with world leaders in family and organization constellations in the United States, Germany, and the Netherlands. They are grounded in the Bert Hellinger approach to constellations and graduated from the Hellinger Institute USA year long program in 2002.

Their diversity of professional background and experience brings a rich variety to their perspective and facilitation of constellations.

Brief biographies of the current partners follow:

Carol Heil

Carol Heil, LCSW-C, is a licensed psychotherapist in private practice in the Washington DC metro area. She has 30 years of experience working with couples, families, individuals and groups in both public and private settings. Carol Heil She has had extensive training in cutting edge therapies that aim to help and heal at deeper levels than traditional models. Working with a holistic approach, Carol is committed to helping her clients create a positive sense of self, meaningful relationships and a healthy balance in personal and work life.

Carol is a founding member of The Systemic Constellations Group, LLC and has been leading all-day Family Constellations Workshops since 2002. She was trained, along with her two partners, in Constellation work the second year that training was made available in the US by The Hellinger Institute US. Since then she has participated in two training intensives coordinated by Hunter Beaumont in Germany. She has attended numerous conferences in the US featuring Bert Hellinger as well as many of the master teachers from Europe. She also participated in a year of advanced training in Washington DC with Heinz Stark, PhD.

Carol is a certified EMDR practitioner and incorporates Family Constellations concepts into both her EMDR practice and her practice in Somatic Experiencing. In addition to facilitating workshops, she does individual and couples' Constellations with her private practice clients. She has been a teacher and presenter in couples and family therapy conferences as well as conferences focusing on working with trauma. She has written articles on Creativity and Peak Performance and co-created and lead many workshops on creativity.

Appointments with Carol are insurance reimbursable. Contact Carol at www.carolheil.com, by phone (301) 899-4841 or by email.

Betsy Hostetler

Betsy Hostetler, Ph.D., is a founding member of The Constellations Group. Betsy Hostetler A graduate of the Hellinger Institute of DC training program, she has also trained with world leaders in family and organization constellations from the United States, Germany and the Netherlands.

Principal of Hostetler Consulting, she uses a systems perspective to help leaders create healthy cultures, and turn intractable problems into business results. She consults on strategic planning, leader development, and workforce effectiveness. She also offers one- to- one constellation coaching.

Hostetler has directed organizational development operations in academia and healthcare, at the University of Maryland in Baltimore, the University of Maryland Medical System in Baltimore, and The American University in Washington D.C. She earned her doctorate in counseling and development from The American University, with honors; studied with the National Training Laboratories for the Behavioral Sciences at AU; and earned a Masters in Guidance and Counseling at The College of William and Mary. She has published on leadership development, culture change, diversity and organizational constellations. She served as Chairman of the Board for the Chesapeake Bay Organizational Development Network.

You can reach her at www.HostetlerConsulting.com, email, or 202 362-8672.

Mary Rentschler

Mary rentshcler Mary Rentschler, M. Ed., has been involved with constellations since 2001. Formerly a special educator for learning disabled and severely emotionally disturbed children, she brings decades of professional experience in learning and emotional problems to her work with neuro-sensory-motor development and systemic constellations. She lives in Washington, DC, and is a founding member of The Constellations Group.

Mary completed training with the Hellinger Institute USA in 2002 and founded The Constellations Group with Carol Heil, Betsy Hostetler and Diane Hetherington in 2005. She has studied with Dietrich Klinghardt and Heinz Stark (advanced training) and attended four international intensives in Bernreid, Germany as well as numerous workshops in the US with Bert Hellinger and many prominent master facilitators.

The challenges of developmentally delayed children led Mary to educational kinesiology and infant reflex integration. She has studied in Poland and the US with Svetlana Masgutova, Ph.D., and is a certified Masgutova Neuro-sensory-motor Reflex Integration (MNRIĀ®) Specialist and Instructor. Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt's five level model of health is a major influence in her practice. Mary teaches and lectures on reflex integration and deals with a wide range of learning, performance and emotional issues in her private practice with children and adults. She is active in bringing Family Constellations into the community of parents and professionals involved with autism spectrum disorders, other developmental challenges and PTSD. Another group prominently represented in her practice is children adopted from foreign countries.

For information or an appointment, contact Mary by phone (202) 244-8280 or email.

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