Family Constellations: Preparing for a Workshop

By Carol Heil, LCSW-C

If you plan to bring an issue to a constellation, you should do a little preparation. Information considered important in doing your family constellation is primarily factual in nature. Personality traits or how family members got/get along is not relevant in this context.

What we are looking for is basically two things: (1) What is your primary issue? We would like you to state this as concisely as possible. We will ask clarifying questions and will likely explore what would be a good outcome for you. (2) What happened in your family (nuclear family and/or family of origin) that would be considered unusual, tragic, or that brought about a significant change in the life of the family.

Family of origin includes parents, siblings, grandparents, great grandparents (and sometimes further back), aunts, uncles, etc. It may also include important premarital partners of parents or grandparents. Nuclear family includes spouse and children as well as significant former partners and children from former relationships. Sometimes people are considered family members if they have had a life-altering effect on the fate of the family.

Questions to consider: Did anyone in your family:

Please note that most families have their fair share of the events listed. These questions are simply intended as guidelines or to jog your memory. Please don‘t feel the need to research all of this before coming to a workshop. However, a fair knowledge of family members and significant events is helpful to the constellation process.

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